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If Today is Your Birthday. Birthday horoscopes for the upcoming year and personality profiles are available starting on your birthday. Reports We offer Free Astrology Reports on our site. Simply input your birth data and obtain a free natal chart report. Find out your rising sign, planet signs and houses, and aspects--and what they mean.

The report includes many of our own original interpretations found on Cafe Astrology, and more.

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A compatibility report is also offered, as well as personalized horoscopes and transit reports. We also offer Free Numerology Reports. Popular Pages. Moon Sign Compatibility Compare your Moon sign with that of a romantic interest. She has a yod configuration involving Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Mars trines Jupiter and squares Saturn. Essentially, Saturn forms difficult aspects to both Mars and Jupiter, and Mars and Jupiter are in trine. One of the things that she believes to have been instrumental to her success is the fact that she does not shrink from challenges and does not fall apart when things around her seem to be falling apart.

How To Read Your Birth Chart (BASICS)

Especially as a woman from her generation and in her particular profession, she has had to rely on a certain level of faith Neptune and powerful faculties of intuition in order to succeed as she has. Some interesting configurations for celebrities involving the ruler of the second house:. Her Sun, Venus, and Mercury occupy her second house, and the second house ruler Uranus trines Mars and squares Neptune.

Interestingly, her fifth, eighth, and tenth house rulers are the Sun and Venus, which are conjunct each other in the second house, and conjunct the second house cusp. Hugh Hefner, a self-made man, has very little going on with his second house ruler, Venus! He does have a T-square involving Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. She has also seen Jupiter trine Saturn and even Jupiter square Saturn in charts of the wealthy. This book is filled with practical insights, and is a must-read for those students of astrology who are looking for excellent tips and pointers for their predictive work in astrology.

The book contains more signs of the potential for wealth, as well as tips for making predictions for virtually every other area of life. The condition of Venus in a chart can reveal quite a bit about your ability to attract money.

Whether you are able to hold on to it is another story altogether. Saturn adds ambition and realism, as well as sobriety to the picture. Saturn as a money significator gives motivation to hold onto money and to strive to make more money. There is also an attitude that hard work is necessary in order to both make and keep money. This is a recommended read for any astrology student who wants to dig a little more deeply into the astrology of money.

In his book, Dynamic Astrology: Using Planetary Cycles to Make Personal and Career Choices , John Townley identifies a Jupiter cycle in which he believes that people are at their peak in terms of productivity and opportunity when Jupiter transits the first house.

We have also found that when transiting Pluto trines or sextiles the ruler of our 2nd or 8th house, this can be a particularly favorable period for making money. Short-term transits that are generally considered favorable for increasing your wealth include Jupiter and Venus conjunctions, trines, and sextiles to money significators in your chart. Although we are looking at the potential for accumulating wealth in a matter-of-fact way, I rarely look at, for example, the second house in such a black-and-white manner.

Birth Chart Report

We can easily assert that the second house rules money, possessions, and personal assets. However, the second house and any house, for that matter means a whole lot more than these simple keywords. We can see this concept more clearly when, for example, Saturn transits our second house and we come face to face with issues that force us to ask ourselves what exactly we feel we deserve.

As a side note, and as a student of astrology since I was a child, I feel that I learn the most about the essential meaning of a particular house after Saturn has transited that house in my own chart.

7 Planets That Affect Your Astrological Compatibility

Whatever the case may be, I feel that Saturn has a way of showing us the practical side of any house at the beginning of its transit of that house, and as it moves through the house, this planet has a way of stripping it down to its essential meaning in a more esoteric or psychological sense.

When we consider that the second house rules our sense of self-worth, we may be more equipped to understand, and to work with, the energies associated with our second house. Tense or challenging aspects may be necessary to provide the motivation to develop or grow these traits. The native is self-sufficient in these areas of life. It is a harmonious and very stable configuration. To the person with a Grand Trine as the fundamental configuration in the radix chart and if the required abilities are in evidence , the vicissitudes of life are frequently not terrible, and external conditions help him to move ahead in life more successfully and faster than others, and moreover, with ease.

However, as M. Kozyritskaja and M. Levin observe, this is true only in the first phase of life; during the period from 24 to 30 years old there are inner pressures connected with the necessity for development and the embodiment of initial abilities and opportunities.

Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aries

The negative side of this configuration is that it is so stable that the person seldom ventures beyond the habitual. The stability of the Grand Trine turns on its static character — the unwillingness to develop. A native is able to harmonize with external situations, or even find them easy, not having considered or resolved the problems involved. In charts of great people the Grand Trine is extremely seldom a leading configuration. But, as F. Acker remark, if a Grand Trine has Mars and Saturn, the problem connected to inertia and absence of motives for dynamic action does not enter.

These researchers underline that to harness the potential of a Grand Trine it is necessary to be guided and to use it in creative self-expression and efforts directed on spiritual self-improvement, otherwise, it will stay idle. When analyzing a Grand Trine in a specific horoscope it is necessary to pay special attention to what signs contain the given configuration usually they are signs of one element — this will indicate the likely manifestation of the Grand Trine. If one of the three points of a Grand Trine is in opposition to a planet, it gives the Grand Trine an opportunity to manifest more brightly.

In such configurations the most important point of the Grand Trine is the point that has the opposition aspect; and the point opposing it reveals unrealized aspirations, the fateful area of a horoscope.


This configuration is called the Kite see below. This is a quincunx-sextile-quincunx. It features a crisis of — and a need for — perspective, in which the energies of the two sextiled planets find difficulty integrating with that of the apex, quincunxed planet. This dichotomy is not directly a conflict, rather a bewilderingly dualistic, seemingly irresolvable and compromising situation.

It is a secret to be decoded, an intense dilemma, or a visitation from the Unknown. Allowing things to happen rather than seeking to steer them is what is called for here: yet, underneath, there is a new kind of adepthood which brings in a new form of control without holding on, if we can see it. Sun-Mercury and Mars-Pluto are sextile one another. There can be much uncertainty with the quincunx aspects, which can certainly stimulate restlessness and a vague feeling that the native is missing something undefinable.

With the quincunx, there is often a sense that one thing has to be given up in order to gain in the other area, that there are always difficult choices to make. The focal point in this case, Jupiter will be an area where big life lessons occur. The yod can be accentuated when an opposition is thrown in, with two semisextile aspects too. The opposition forces the issue, and the apex planet then becomes very critical: what it represents needs to be consciously worked, owned, and integrated.

A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four squares. A special case of the Grand Square is the Grand Cross. Grand Square — the most intense quadrangular configuration. It encloses the person in a framework of severe constraints, which are perceived as pressing. The Grand Square gives a lot of energy which demands to be used, internal dynamism, insistence, force.

Natal Chart Report

Those with a Grand Square in the natal chart crystallize much very early. These are very dynamic people, but they manifest inflexibly in relating to the world. This is shown most rigidly in a Grand Square with two internal oppositions see the Grand Cross. A more moderate form is the Grand Square without an internal cross.

In this case there are no rigid tensions between the poles, there is less dynamism, and more flexibility.